Friday, January 27, 2006

Desperately Seeking Self Confidence

Dear Cassandra,

I have always been taught that men should be the ones to initiate conversation. But when I am out at bars with my friends, I am rarely approached. Does it have something to do with my body language? What can I do to make men notice me?


Desperately Seeking Self Confidence

Dear Desperately Seeking Self Confidence,

The first thing you must realize is that we are living in modern times. This is not 800 B.C. You can't expect that some big hunky Greek soldier is going to sweep you off your feet, make you his concubine, and have you bear him twins. I had to learn this the hard way too after my first husband's psychotic ex-wife set into motion a series of unfortunate events (but that is a whole different story) that left me on the singles scene once again. Indeed, it took a few hundred years before I could even think about striking up a conversation with another guy. But one day when I was at a “taverna” having some wine with friends, a cute man caught my eye. After inspecting to see that he did not have a wedding ring (I certainly wasn't going through that whole ordeal again), I approached him and said "Quid est prenomen tibi?" Although his Latin was not as good as mine, he replied "Prenomen mihi est Troy. Et tu?" And the rest is history. Troy and I began dating and just a few years ago, he and I moved into a nice aluminum-sided condo just outside of Albany. Indeed, one must adopt a more proactive approach to be noticed these days. So take a chance. Next time you are out, go talk to the handsome man standing alone at the end of the bar. He could be a serial killer…but he also could be your next boyfriend.


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